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Ʒ ֵ Խϴ :)

հ ϵ帮 ̰ Ȱ ñ ٶڽϴ!

Royal College of Art(RCA)

MA Information Experience Design

MA Fine Art

MA Textile Design

MA Product Design

MA Ceramics

MA Visual Communication


 Goldsmiths, University of London

IFC Design

IFC Arts and Humanities

BA Design

BA Fine Art/Extension Degree

BA Arts Management

Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Art History

Graduate Diploma in Media, Culture and Social Sciences

Graduate Diploma in Music

MA Arts Administration and Cultural Management

MA Media Communication

MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship

MA Design: Expanded Practice

MA Computational Arts

MA Photography

MA Musical theatre

MFA Fine Art

MFA Curating

MA Artist's Film and Moving Image


University of the Arts London

London College of Fashion(LCF)

International Preparation for Fashion

BA Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding

BA Fashion Marketing


Central Saint Martins(CSM)

Art and Design Foundation Diploma

BA Architecture

BA Fine Art

BA Fashion Communication and Promotion

BA Product Design

BA Textiles

 MA Industrial Design


Chelsea College of Arts

BA Graphic Design

 Postgraduate Diploma Interior Design

MA Fine Art

MA Graphic Design Communication


London College of Communication(LCC)

BA Illustration and Visual Media

MA Graphic Branding and Identity

MA Graphic Media Design

 MA Service Experience Design and Innovation


Wimbledon College of Arts

BA Fine Art: Painting

BA Theatre and Screen: Theatre Design

MA Digital Theatre


Camberwell College of Arts

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

University College London(UCL)

BSc Architecture (The Bartlett)

BA Fine Art 4 years (Slade)

BFA Fine Art (Slade)

MA Architectural Design (The Bartlett)

MFA Painting (Slade)

MFA Sculpture (Slade)


Foundation course in Architecture

BArch in Architecture



University of Brighton

Foundation Certificate in Art, Design and Media

BA Fine Art

BA Graphic Design

Pre-Mater in Art and Design

 MA Sequential Design/Illustration


Newcastle University(INTO)

Iternational Year One in Architecture

University of Edinbrugh(ECA)

MFA Fine Art


Northumbria University

BA Design for Industry

MA Design


Art University Bournemouth

Diploma in Art & Design Foundation

International Art, Design and Media Intensive Course (IADM)

BA Illustration

BA Costume and Performance Design

BA Make-up for Media and Performance


De Montfort University

Art and Design (Foundation Studies) BTEC Diploma

International Incorporated Bachelors in Contour Fashion

BA Footwear Design

BA Jewellery Design

MA Design Innovation

MA Fashion Design


Sotheby's Institute of Art

MA Contemporary Art History



University for the Creative Arts

Foundation Art and Design

BA Glass, Ceramics, Metalwork, Jewellery


Coventry University

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

BA Automotive Design

BA Industrial Design

MA Graphic Design


Glasgow School of Art (GSA)

International Foundation

BA Fine Art

MArch Architecture (RIBA 2)

MLitt Fine Art Practice

MFA Fine Art

 MDes Design Innovation

MDes in Graphics


Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

BA Fashion Marketing

BA Design for Film and Television


London Metropolitan University

MA Architecture


Cardiff Metropolitan University

MA Ceramic

Istituto Marangoni

Foundation Art and Design


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland(RCS)

BMus Music (Piano)

MMus Music (Piano)



University of Westminster

MA Fashion Business Management

 MA Media Management


ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance)

BMus Performing Music (Vocal)


University of West London(LCM)

Mmus Clectronic Music


Anglia Ruskin University

BA Fine Art

BA Illustration

MA Childrens Book Illustration


Kingston University

BA Popular music


 Middlesex University

BA Product Design


Falmouth University

MA Illustration

 MA Communication Design



Foundation in Art and Design


Norwich University of the Arts(NUA)

BA Fine Art

BA Illustration

BA Fashion Communication


Central School of Speech and Drama

MA Movement: Directing and Teaching


Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance

BA Dance

BMus Music


Royal Acadey of Music

BMus Music (Piano)

(IP :
  ־ Ƽ (BCU) ԰ Բϴ 1:1 ɻ! (10/16 ȭ) (2018-09-18 2:59:05)
  ƮƼ ѱ (빫) (10/13) (2018-09-11 10:34:26)

ȣ ̸ ¥ ȸ
      2018 Ʈ հ Ʈ (2)     Ʈ     2018.09.13     1974  
  367     * 2019.03.08() ȳ     Ʈ     2019.03.07     188  
  366     ӽ ũ ũ / 19.03.13() (2)     Ʈ     2019.02.08     276  
  365     ־ Ŀ´̼ ̳ - ־ Ƽ / 19.03.11() (2)     Ʈ     2019.02.07     279  
  364     ޹ ȳ     Ʈ     2019.02.01     100  
  363     * 2019 йڶȸ ! * 19.03.09() 丮 (2)     Ʈ     2019.01.16     838  
  362     彺̽ - Ʈ ɻ ͺ / 2019.01.18 (2)     Ʈ     2018.12.14     834  
  361     ȭ / Central Film School ѱ 湮! (2)     Ʈ     2018.11.20     620  
  360     10! Ʈ 󸮹 EVENT! (2)     Ʈ     2018.10.15     955  
  359     10/5 ð ȳ     Ʈ     2018.09.28     276  
  358     ־ Ƽ (BCU) ԰ Բϴ 1:1 ɻ! (10/16 ȭ)     Ʈ     2018.09.18     1094  
  357     ƮƼ ѱ (빫) (10/13)     Ʈ     2018.09.11     299  
  356     Ʋ ո ȸ(10/18)     Ʈ     2018.09.06     1383  
  355     2019/20 Ʋ ո(RCS) (12/6)     Ʈ     2018.09.05     1438  
  354     2018 йڶȸ ʴմϴ(10/6 ) (2)     Ʈ     2018.09.01     1299  
  353     2018 п !     Ʈ     2018.07.17     515  
  352     5 1 Ʈ ޹ ȳ     Ʈ     2018.04.30     582  
  351     彺̽ ̳ '' Ʈ ϱ''     Ʈ     2018.03.28     1471  
  350     Ʈ 3/16 ð ȳ     Ʈ     2018.03.15     791  
  349     3 17 ٸ ̿ ̳ ȳ (2)     Ʈ     2018.03.06     2601  
  348     ޹ ȳ     Ʈ     2018.02.12     844  

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